Porsche 968 Club Sport

What Makes a Club Sport a Club Sport

The Club Sport was available from Spring 1993.

The price for the CS in 1994 was in the region of 29,975.

The belt service interval in the maintenance book is 48,000 miles but for caution and if the car is being driven hard regularly then some are changed at 36,000 miles.

The weight difference officially is 50kg, down from 1370kg to 1320kg, but sometimes is reported as much as 100kg. The discrepancy lies in where a coupe has full options like most UK models and can therefore be as much as a difference of 100kg, presumably then a fully specified coupe with all the options would be around 1420kg, the coupe Tiptronic is 1430kg so that particular comparison would bring a difference of 110kg.


Production figures as best I can make out are

The LSD was an option, No. M220

Alternator on the CS was reduced from 1610w to 1260w.
Battery was reduced from 63ah to 50ah.
(Both of these as well as the wiring loom would need to be upgraded if air-con was specified at the time of purchase.)

The MO30 kit was an option and gave the following, stiffer springs, adjustable Koni dampers, stiffer anti roll bars, cross drilled 304mm brake discs with callipers and an option of the 40% Torsen(Torsion Sensing) LSD.

The Club Sport had colour coded Glass Fibre bucket seats as standard.

The CS came in Black, Maritime Blue, Guards Red, Grand Prix White and Speed Yellow.

The red, white or black Club Sport script down the side was standard on the CS but was a no cost option to delete it from the spec.

Only 2 speakers as standard, fitted into the doors.

The Porsche 968 Sport was released in the UK only in January 1994 with the same standard suspension as the Club Sport in fact they where produced on the same assembly line and therefore receive the same chassis number series.

The Sport included, central locking, electric tailgate release, electric windows, electric mirrors, rear seats. Black cloth seats where standard.

Turbo RS

Only four were built. One in 1992 and three in 1993:

Number 1 - WPOZZZ96ZNS820065 - Red
Number 2 - WPOZZZ96ZPS896061 - Yellow
Number 3 - WPOZZZ96ZPS896062 - Black
Number 4 - WPOZZZ96ZPS896063 - White

General Information

During 1992, Porsche launched the 968 Turbo RS, this was a true racecar which had been developed to compete in Germany in the ADAC GT racing series which had been recently introduced. Because of the regulations for this race series the car was essentially based on the 968 coupe with only limited lightening because of the 4kg/bhp power/weight ratio limit.

The car with it's 3.0 litre 4 cylinder engine and only 2 valves per cylinder featured a K27 turbo, the cylinder head was similar to the 944 Turbo S, rather than using the 16V 968 head.

Factory Specifications for the 968 Turbo RS
3.0 litre, 4 cylinder, turbo
Bore 104 mm
Stroke 88 mm
Valves 8v (2 / Cylinder)
Horsepower 337 @ 5400 (ADAC GT)
Horsepower 350 @ 5400 (Le Mans)
Torque 369 lb ft (500 nm) @ 3000
Fuel 98 Octane
Wheels (F) 10J x 18"
Wheels (R) 11J x 18"
Tires (F) 265/630 slicks,
Tires (R) 305/650 slicks
Transmission 6 Speed rear differential
Weight 2976 lbs (1350 kg)
Rollcage Matter
0-100 (62mph) 4.4 seconds
Base price 228,000 dm