Brake Upgrades on the Porsche 968

Taken from the forum 3-12-04 - thanks go to Jason.

"As Will says - try out the car first, then ascertain the condition of the parts on the car - for example, discs, calipers (plate lift), shocks/struts.

With regards to brakes - what will the car be used for? If one or two track days a year, save your money and ensure the existing work well. Uncorroded discs (check inside of discs as the outside can look ok but the inside falling apart), calipers working properly i.e. no sticking pistons or plate lift that will 'clamp' your pads. Put high performance pads on, 'racing' fluid, and braided hoses (look out for these on ebay - you could pick up a set for £20 max). Only on the really fast circuits would you have to watch your brakes.

030 (928 S4) are the next step up - calipers, £150 -£250 used, may need piston seals/plate lift doing , stay with solid discs - 928 S4 (304mm) about £120 a pair, adaptors (calipers axial to radial fitment) £150, pads £60-£160, fluid - 2 litres £25, hoses £20.
(030 cross drilled discs not required as they are prone to cracking - solid ok)

the 030 calipers/brakes should be more than adequate for your could also fit a new bias valve (5/33) to put more oomph into the back...and for that trail braking )

big reds/big blacks - massive stopping power, but not really required - i have them because i obtained brand new calipers for the price of buying used S4 and doing them up. Calipers about £600-£650 new, as little as £250 used but very rare (although some went for this on ebay recently), adaptors £150, discs (322mm) either 964 Turbo 2 3.6 or 993RS, use RS (£235 pair) to sit brakes out 5mm further to outside of car, 964 (£290 pair) 5mm further into car (and close to track-rod end), Pagid Brake Pads for example £165

you could also try to get some 030 hubs/spindles (£150-£400) so that you don't need adaptors
....and don't forget new sensors, anti vibration etc (£30-£40)

Big Reds Standard 968 discs and 928 S4s Big Rad adapter plates
M030 hub and spindle 993 TT, M030 and standard pads  

IMHO i would make sure the car works properly first, do your standard brakes up and see how they work for you, and do the 030 ARB's.