How to remove a wiper motor


How do I remove a wiper motor on a 968?


Remove the plastic caps at the base of the wiper blades. Undo the wiper blade retaining nuts and take off both blades.

Remove the wiper blade spindle retaining nuts together with the spacers underneath.

The plastic cover for the heater fan assembly and the wiper assembly aft of the engine bay must now be removed. Note that it is stuck to the body under the windscreen with double sided tape and just pulls off.

Remove the plastic cover of the heater fan assembly, by taking out the 8 or 10 self tappers holding it on. Once all the screws are out, the cover just pulls off.

There are two bolts which attach the wiper assembly to the body, one is just below the wiper motor. The other is more difficult to get to and is to the right of the right hand wiper spindle. Once these are removed, unplug the wiper motor and with a little juggling the whole wiper assembly comes out (I found that I had to remove the whole assembly to gain access to the wiper motor retaining screws).

Undo the nut on the end of the wiper motor spindle together with the motor retaining screws and the motor should come off.
Dave Holdsworth