K968 POR - K300 WAX

11-03-04 - I bought the car with 112K miles on the clock, 5th owner.

18-03-04 - Replace dull speedo lights. - Done
Porsche 968 electronic speed and gauges.

02-04-04 - DME relay, rotor arm, distributor cap - Done

03-04-04 - Change the radiator and thermostat - Done
Porsche 968 3.0litre thermostat housing.

03-04-04 - Replace the belts and the rollers - Done
Porsche 968 cambelt, balance belt, rollers and tensioners.

07-04-04 - Repair cambelt tensioner - Done
Porsche 968 cambelt tensioner.

24-04-04 - Visually check the camshafts and chain - by me then Hartech measured the wear all OK.

01-05-04 - Clean engine bay - Work in progress
Cleaning 968 engine bay.

-04 - Reset hazard warning light on dashboard - Done by NineMeister

-04 - K&N air filter - Done

-04 - Paint wheel hubs - Done

-04 - Refurbish alloys - Done by Finesse Auto Bodies

-04 - M030 anti roll bars - Fitted by Tony Greatorex

15-06-04 - K968 POR number plate added.

02-07-04 - Leda suspension fitted on the front at Leda,
Porsche 968 front suspension installation at Leda.

05-08-04 - Rear torsion bars re-indexed and rear Leda suspension fitted by Hartech.
Re-indexing torsion bars by Hartech.

-04 - Re-index torsion bars - Done by Hartech Here with the Leda suspension

-04 - Oval repeaters - Done

21-08-04 - Sill rubbers - Done

-04 - Iridium spark plugs - Done

31-08-04 - Brands Hatch 2004

11-09-04 - Clean for concours at Gawsworth Hall German Sports Car Show

-04 - Promax performance chip - Done

-04 - Leda suspension changed to KW suspension - Done by Hartech

21-02-05 - Porsche 928 S4 calipers and disks waiting to go on.

30-04-05 - 928 S4 calipers fitted.

07-05-05 - New Carrera 18" wheels with Michelin Pilot Sports.

02-09-05 - Exhaust tip polished.

02-09-05 - Rear bumper seal replaced.

-05 - Refurbish leather seats - Done.

15-12-05 - Original number plate put back on.

4-02-06 - Install Road Angel Compact

4-02-06 - Install Laser Pro parking sensor

At the Tatton Park Classic Car Show in 2006.

Change number plate to K300 WAX.

M030 Calipers removed and replaced with standard.

KW Variant 3 suspension removed and replaced with standard.

18" Carrera wheels removed and replaced with 17" Cup 2 wheels.

During 2007-2009 the Coupe underwent a significant refurbishment including engine bay and suspension. Here are some of the images taken at the time.

Re-plate fasteners from engine bay and under the car where possible.

Powder coat cam cover and inlet manifold, also parts from brakes etc.

Clean oil cooler and steering fluid cooler pipe.

Refurbish starter motor and pinion shaft bush. Starter motor refurbishment.

Changed fuel and clutch hoses to Goodridge stainless braided.

November of 2011 - Full fluids and belts service at Hartech.

Changed coolant take off and gasket(goes from water pump to expansion tank. Due to minor coolant leak.

20-03-2013 - New clutch master cylinder(945 423 149 00(RHD)) and Slave cylinder(944 116 237 02). Due to leaking non return valve in master cylinder and minor weep from slave cylinder.

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