Common Upgrades for the 968.

These have been listed in order of cost effectiveness. So if you want to go faster then just go down the list and upgrade in this order.

Engine Upgrades
Performance Air Filters
K&N Filter Getting the best airflow into the engine on the induction cycle is of paramount importance when considering the upgrade of an engine. The first thing you do to make a car go faster is to open the throttle a little more and all things being equal, increased airflow equals increased performance. The standard paper filter which is supplied with the car and gets replaced at the relevant service interval just cannot give the airflow that will give improved performance. Air filters are a compromise between air flow, filtration and of course cost of production. The K&N performance air filter will give greatly improved air flow while still giving excellent filtration, of course the cost is a little more than the paper type filter but it's a small price to pay for the extra performance.
Engine Management Chips Performance Chip
Optimising air flow is reasonably easy with a replacement element going directly into the air intake box but what about optimising the fuelling, that 's not so easy in a fuel injected car that has a complicated engine control system with an ECU as the 'brain' of the engine. The most cost effective way perhaps is to optimise the fueling by enhancing the 'mapping' that is recorded into the memory of the ECU. Commonly known as the 'chip'. The chip has a multitude of values stored on it which are called upon for any given combination of circumstances in relation to engine speed, temperature, air density type of fuel etc. etc. The problem is that most OEM chips are given maps for a multitude of circumstances and in effect the chip is not really optimised for performance. For instance if high octane fuel is to be used all the time rather than fuels of varying qualities then that is one factor that can be optimised for performance. If you can optimise these values for each given scenario then it is a relatively easy thing to install a chip that has been optimised, in place of the original chip.
For the installation instructions click here.
Brake Upgrades
High Performance/Racing Pads
EBC Racing Pads A simple upgrade to any braking system is to change the pads to a set with a higher friction level. Standard pads will give a reasonable level of performance for normal driving conditions but if you are a 'spirited' driver or you wish to use yor car on the track the pads are possibly the easiest upgrade to the braking system. A good set of pads which can give reasonable cold bite and also withstand the temperatures associated with track use is a massive advantage when you need it.
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Goodridge Hoses
Goodridge Brake LInes Standard rubber brake hoses are prone to flexing and expanding when the brake pedal is pressed. This is normal for rubber hoses as rubber is quite flexible even when reinforced. Goodridge hoses have a PTFE inner tube and a braided stainless steel outer cover, on top of this is a vinyl coating. This construction is recognised as the ultimate for performance cars, it doesn't expand even under extreme pressure and so all the braking force is transferred to the caliper pistons. This gives better braking as well as more 'feel' at the pedal. If you are changing the hoses you'll need some good fluid. See below.
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Ate Racing Fluid
Ate Racing Fluid The problem with most brake fluids in most people's cars is that it is probably too old. Over time normal brake fluid will absorb water from the atmosphere, hence the need to change it at certain schedules. But even before the end of it's given life it wil have absorbed enough water to alter it's boiling point to a lower temperature. In a performance car you need a fluid that has a resistance to absorbing water and so lasts longer but also has a high boiling point anyway so that the brakes can be used under harsh conditions without fear of brake fade.
Ate Super Blue racing Fluid is the preferred fluid for fast road and track use. It also has the advantage of having a blue dye which identifies it coming through the system when changing the fluid. The same fluid is also available without the blue dye so when it comes to changing again you are assured of the same properties.
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Larger Calipers
M030 Calipers Larger calipers mean larger pistons or at least more piston surface area. This gives a hydraulic advantage because from the master cylinder the hydraulic pressure is applied per square inch, so the more square inches you have in the cylinders, the more overall pressure can be transferred to the pads. A lot of people think it's the size of the pad that counts but really it's the size or surface area of the pistons that is more important. So if budget will allow then installing larger calipers is probably the biggest upgrade advantage. On the 968 the obvious upgrade is the M030 caliper option or 928 S4 calipers.
Suspension Upgrades
M030 Suspension, Charley Arms, M030 spindles - hubs - knuckles, M030 anti roll bars.
KONI Shock Absorbers
Koni Suspension
KW Suspension
KW Suspension

Driver Upgrades

Driver Training
Perhaps the most overlooked upgrade to any car is the performance of the driver. If you haven't taken some form of tuition beyond your normal driving lessons then you are not only missing out on reaching a much higher level of driving competence but you are also missing out on the true performance potential of your car. Courses available include the basic Institude of Advanced Motorists lessons to Police driver courses to basic track performance driving to advanced track performance and vehicle handling courses.
Calum LockieCalum Lockie is not only a 968 enthusiast but is also an exceptional performance driver and Calum Lockie in Actioninstructor. Calum is a professional racing driver with many wins and podium finishes to his name. If you are thinking of doing a track day you could do a lot worse than take some instruction from Calum or better still book onto one of his organised track days where instruction is included. His company, Goldtrack, is based at Silverstone but trackdays are organised at most premier circuits. I would suggest Donington as an excellent circuit for the 968 but speak to Goldtrack and see what is available.

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