968 Model Differences

Coupe - Club Sport - Sport

  • Coupes have a standard ride height, CS and Sport have 20mm shorter front springs and rear torsion bars are indexed 20mm lower.
  • Coupes usually have the standard leather seats or sport leather seats(both electrically adjustable), CS has fibre glass bucket racing seats, Sports have cloth 'comfort' seats.
  • Coupe has vinyl rear occasional seats, Club Sport has a shelf extending the rear luggage area forward, the Sport has cloth rear occasional seats added back in.
  • Coupes prior to '93 have a 3 spoke steering wheel then the 4 spoke airbag steering wheel, the CS and Sport have the 3 spoke CS steering wheel with the thicker rim(no airbag).
  • Coupes have an analogue clock in the centre console and a digital temp gauge on the dashboard, CS and Sports have a digital clock on the dashboard with a stopwatch.
  • Coupes have standard sound proofing, CS and Sports have reduced sound proofing.
  • Coupes have updated door cards, CS and Sport have the older 944 door cards.
  • Coupes have the 6 speaker stereo system, CS and Sports have 2 speakers.
  • Coupes have 16" Cup 1 alloy wheels, CS and Sports have 17" Cup 1 or Cup 2 alloys depending on year, with optional colour coding.
  • Coupes have black plastic vanity covers in the engine bay, CS and Sport don't have these.
  • Coupes have a standard battery and wiring loom, Club Sports have a smaller battery, alternator and a lighter wiring loom, Sports have the standard battery and wiring loom to accomodate the added electrics.
  • Coupes have a rear wiper, it was deleted on the CS and Sport and replaced with a watertight cover on the hole in the tailgate glass, sometimes known as a 'wiper delete bung'.
  • Coupes have heated windscreen washer jets, Club Sports do not.
  • Coupes have an underbonnet light, Sport and Club Sport do not.

The Sport(for the UK market only in 1994) was produced on the same production line as the Club Sport so is very similar in the chassis(chassis numbers correspond) and suspension. The key difference between the CS and the Sport is that the Sport has the bigger wiring loom and battery - for the extra electrics that have been put in, electric windows, tailgate release, central locking etc. It also has the occasional rear seats, unlike the CS and it has the comfort front seats. Generally the Sport is a CS with the electrics added in and comfort seats.

Coupes were available in many different colours, and had options on the interior colours, seats and trim.

Club Sports were available in Guards Red, Speed Yellow, Black, White, Maritime Blue and Riviera Blue with or without Club Sport decals down the sides in either black, red or white.

Club Sports had colour coded backs to the front seats and a black interior.

Sports were available in many different colours, and had black cloth seats and an all black interior.

More information on the Club Sports is available on this page : Porsche 968 Club Sport

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